Rocket League matchmaking is garbage

Rocket League esports are often considered as one of the most fun events to watch — at least when the teams don’t turn on each other in lengthy arguments, that is. One of the things that make Rocket League events so exciting is the fact that anybody could sit down and quickly figure out what’s going on. All that you need to know is teams get a point each time they score on the opposing team. However, when things like MMR, the game’s matchmaking system, are brought up, things can start to get a bit messy for the casual fan. We saw this get mentioned, along with a plethora of other things in an example of what not to do when playing with your team. After becoming frustrated with his teammate, Twitch streamer scapegoatrl let everything loose, which led to a sequence of events where the whole team flamed each other for several minutes. The teammate re-entered the call and all bets were off. The two argued for a little bit before the fact scapegoat goes to his girlfriend’s house when the team is trying to practice was brought up.

Rocket League sucks and this is why

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Announcement time: Rocket League is going free to play later this summer. Cameron Hodgson How about this maybe fix your game servers are complete shit Image may contain: text that says ‘ROCKET LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES Kindly note that our casual matchmaking is meant to our you in a fair match as.

The companies confirmed that their mega-hit game Rocket League would no longer receive updates for either platform following a “final” patch for all non-Windows versions on PC coming in “early March. This “end-of-life” version of Rocket League on Linux and MacOS will still function in a wholly offline state, and affected players will be able to access whatever cosmetics and add-ons they’d previously earned through the game’s economy system but no more new ones.

Additionally, those platforms will be able to use Steam Workshop content, but only if it’s downloaded and applied to the game before the March patch goes live. Otherwise, if any function in the game connects even in the slightest to the Internet—from item shops to matchmaking to private matches to friends lists—it will stop working once the March patch goes live, and any future modes, maps, or other game-changing content won’t come to their platforms, either.

It also suggests that Linux players should try Steam Proton or Wine to do the same thing. Psyonix’s announcement vaguely places the blame for this upcoming change on “adapting to use new technologies,” which “has made it more difficult to support macOS and Linux SteamOS. Further Reading After Epic purchase, Psyonix removes random loot boxes from Rocket League Thus, the developers at Psyonix leave this decision wide open to speculation, particularly about whether the studio’s May acquisition by Epic Games factors into the decision.

At the time of that acquisition, in an attempt to abate fans’ worries about Epic Games Store exclusivity , the companies announced that existing game owners “will still be able to play Rocket League on Steam with all of the content they’ve previously purchased. We’re not sure if the same “new technologies” in question will ever affect Fortnite , which has been built in Unreal Engine 4, as opposed to RL ‘s use of Unreal Engine 3.

Further Reading Steam and Ubuntu clash over bit libs This news differs from the usual question of whether an in-development game will or will not work on non-Windows platforms. We can’t think of many popular games that have worked on Linux and MacOS and then had that perk removed. Update, January 27 : In the days since this announcement, Psyonix has issued a more technical breakdown of the reason for this March change.

Rocket League suddenly has the most toxic community i’ve seen. and its a shame.

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Scandinavian matchmaking – Register and search over 40 million singles: voice matchmaking; Rocket league matchmaking slow; Hots terrible matchmaking.

Hey, remember when I wrote about the desire to balance positivity and negativity in my articles? I mentioned that I wanted to avoid writing an article about online play in NBA 2K that ended up being more of a rant than constructive criticism, cathartic as it may be. I was originally going to leave it at my Friday Five detailing my experiences with the Jordan Rec Center , but I need to expand upon that. When the NBA 2K League was announced, I noted the slight possibility that it would have some tangible benefit for the rest of us.

NBA 2K online has strayed further and further away from sim basketball, and the servers continue to be extremely unreliable. Lag spikes are not uncommon, especially in the Pro-Am modes. Even worse are the times that I lose sync and have to wait for the connection to be re-established. Now, I know that hiccups do occur and the issue is sometimes at our end, but contrary to what the passive-aggressive error message suggests, the latter is rarely the case with NBA 2K online.

That 2K proudly boasts about its eSports league while offering such a wretched and unreliable experience to its paying customers is disgraceful. It would let us get a taste of the competitive scene, and probably encourage more of us to check out the League as well. Once again, I have to go back to this Reddit thread , and note that the concerns the author had about elitism were spot on. Five users per side is now a requirement, with the old minimum of three per side now a thing of the past.

As for the number of users, advanced matchmaking options could give us the choice of whether or not we want to take part in games with AI players, or even just only ever match up full squads against other full squads.

New Rocket League patch goes after players who quit out of ranked matches

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Real-time problems and outages for Rocket League. Can’t plan online? Is the server down? Here you see what is going on.

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Your Thoughts on Skill Based Matchmaking?

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I think Rocket League in particular is terrible for smurfing because not only do I hope they fix the matchmaking in future, especially for higher.

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Rocket League Is The Right Game For Right Now

In this article, Speedy looks at the issue of toxic behaviour in Rocket League, what motivates it and how to deal with it. All you and your team need to do is hold off for those last few seconds to take your first win of the evening. But then it all falls apart. You miss an easy clear. You then get demoed. But it should be fine because the ball is slowly rolling towards your teammate who is back and goal.

Matchmaking is so bad because they base the ranking system on victories and defeats instead of individual performances/point total in a match.

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Rocket League Matchmaking/Party System bug?

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