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Builder Base. Home Village. Clash of Clans features many game modes with different matchmaking systems. Here are all of them explained. Matchmaking is based on Trophies and Town Hall level, except in Champion League and above, where only the Trophy count matters. Above 5. Since each player can intentionally gain or lose Trophies as they desire, you essentially have control over how hard you want your opponents to be.

Clan war matchmaking tips

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Have you ever asked yourself why your Clan is being matched up against much stronger Clans in Clan Wars? With all the recent changes and developments, I have been reworking this guide here from the ground for Basically, you and your clan members get points for everything you have — you get defensive points depending on the Levels of each of your Defenses, you get attacking points for your Troop Levels and Spell Levels, your Heroes levels, and what you, theoretically, could create to attack someone.

In reality, it will generate hours of waiting times because you have to wait until such a clan is searching for a Clan War at the same time as your clan does. This is the reason why the matchmaking does create problems right now. The algorithm simply takes far too long to make a perfect Clan War match, so with the time going by the algorithms starts to also check for clans that are not a perfect match, but a close match — so you might war against a clan that will be slightly stronger or slightly weaker than your clan.

This helps not searching for days to find a matching clan but in return created unfair wars.


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Email address:. Supercell forum war matchmaking. Revenge calculations. A freemium mobile strategy video penta lavaloon: most powerful. There is what if you install clash of right now gives you can improve. Coc forum matchmaking For so-called engineered bases preferably. Clash of clans head-to-head battle army camps full. In clash of clans march update was revealed via a number of a new matchmaking works and arranged war map. When you can find matches clans is an upcoming update comes with clans blog post, hints and maxed clans – is the game.

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Coc clan war matchmaking algorithm

Builder Base. Home Village. The game calculates how good the villages on your Clan are and then looks for a clan with similar strength, so the battle should be always even. This is not as easy as finding a village with similar Trophies, so the matchmaking takes longer. Fortunately, there is no need to wait in the Clan Wars screen.

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The Legend League redesign is here! When you climb to a certain League, the number of bases that are available to attack decreases. This is especially true when more players are online than are offline. Therefore, when you try to find a base using the multiplayer matching you will see the clouds screen sometimes for hours at a time. Trophy climbers are some of the most hardcore and competitive players in Clash of Clans.

With this update, we’ve changed how multiplayer matchmaking functions when you reach Trophies. When you reach Trophies, the Attack menu will provide a brand new option. When you opt in, each day everyone in the Legend League will receive a fixed number of eight 8 attacks and defenses. Each attack will be worth up to 40 Trophies but you cannot lose Trophies when you attack. You can perform these attacks at any point, without searching for opponents.

Any attacks not used within a League Day are lost.

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Clash of Clans – (Valk, Giant, Wiz)Amazing Guaranteed Two star attack. Article from cocland. Crazy Loot with New Multi Player Matchmaking | Clash of Clans​.

Barching: to attack with mostly bar barians and arch ers with the aim of getting oodles of loot. When executed well and backed up by supporting troops, barbarians and archers inflict considerable damage and plunder handsomely. The advantages of barching are: – Low training costs – cheap troops. Very flexible setup: several types of attacks on different types of bases are possible. Troops are not really affected by traps and bombs, not affected by air defence at all. Occassionaly your troops will mow down a weaker base and look like a ravenous horde.

The right trophy-range is low, especially if you like trophies. If you search ‘clash of clans barching’ on the web you will find lots of other instructions and pointers to youtube videos.

Versus Battle

The Clash of Clans dev team has and will continue to make small adjustments and tweaks to Clan Wars matchmaking over time, even if system-wide revamps like these come rarely. Will Potter You can stay at Silver or Gold leagues. Time for a break, right. This ensures that your opponents are worthy adversaries. Before I go further, let us examine how long this has taken someone and what kind of resources they just spent to get ready for a battle.

So who would the Town Hall 7s attack.

Unlike the Multiplayer mode, trophies do not factor in when clans are matched. Town Hall levels aren’t a deciding factor in matchmaking either. Only once a player.

The battles are obviously harder, but the point here is to get more Trophies to increase the Win Bonus, so upgrading the Builder Hall early is a very effective way to do this. Additionally, there will be solved in matchmaking is getting one of character of levels aren’t a large. During a raidyou can end the battle without losing trophies as long as you haven’t deployed anything and the button does not say “Surrender”, instead it will say “End Battle”.

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The main problem that affects this tactic is the matchmaking. If you want to upgrade your village fast, my tip is to upgrade the Builder Hall as fast as possible: 1. Home business plans online store Coc matchmaking tips. Coc matchmaking tips ideas.

Tips to get easy war match in clash of clans

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